As Bulls explore Jimmy Butler trade market, Fred Hoiberg’s headaches mount

Poor Fred Hoiberg. Two years ago, he took over a 50-win team that pushed the Cavaliers to six games in the conference semifinals, and might have done more damage if not for a hamstring injury to Pau Gasol. But when he got to Chicago, he was given a roster of hard-headed veterans who were never really on board with the decision to let Tom Thibodeau go and replace him with Hoiberg.

The bigger problem for Allen, as one Western Conference scout put it, is that, “He has not gotten better this year. He’s gone backwards in some respects. He has not been as consistent with his shot and some of his weaknesses are showing up even more. He is still a good line-drive penetrator, but some teams have figured out how to limit that, how to bottle him up as a passer. That is a problem.”

Allen’s 3-point shooting has dropped to 34.3 percent this season, and his scoring (now 15.7 points per game) has tumbled, too. He had a nice game in a loss to Louisville last week, with 23 points and 4-for-8 3-point shooting, but in his last six games, he has shot 28.6 percent from the 3-point line.

In what should be a crowded draft class this year, Allen could slide and might be better off returning for his senior season, depending on how the rest of the year plays out. The scout said Allen, because he has only so-so size for a shooting guard and not enough skill to play the point, could easily slip into the second round.

But it’s not because of the hotheaded displays that have gotten under the skin of opposing fans. It’s because Allen hasn’t capitalized and built on his production from last year. “I don’t think anyone is going to ding him for being a fiery player, I don’t NFL Jerseys Wholesale have a problem with that,” the scout said. “It’s just, you have NFL 21 Cheap Jerseys to figure out where he belongs as a player. That’s a lot harder to figure out.”

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